A downloadable Endless Runner for Windows

Tunnel Ball is a 3rd person endless runner where the player follows a marble rolling down a Tunnel. The player must help the marble roll as far as it can by rotating the tunnel to move obstacles out of it's way.

Hey guys, I'm a 1st Year Game Design student studying at AIE Melbourne, Australia. I made this prototype as part of my assessment for our Coding unit. I am current still unsure whether I want to push this to a finished product and put it up on app stores for mobile platforms.  So let me know what you guys think.

Post your high score in the comments!

Install instructions

  • Unzip the folder to a destination of your choosing.
  • Open "Tunnel Ball Build"
  • Run "Tunnel Ball Build.exe"
    • Create a shortcut by Right Clicking "Tunnel Ball Build.exe"
    • Click "Create shortcut"
    • Move "Tunnel Ball Build.exe - Shortcut" to wherever you wish.

Do not delete or edit "Tunnel Ball Build_Data". Doing so will likely break the game.


TunnelBall.zip 11 MB


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To anyone who would be interested. I'm currently developing this game & plan to make it a finished project by early April.
I'll be updating this page with the finished version as well as putting a copy on the Google play store (I'll put a link for that here too)!